Stone Cleaning & Restoration Services

Stone Cleaning and Restoration

SRL offer empathic carbon removal cleaning services. We supply, fit, match, install and repair a wide range of masonry materials and stone genres such as brick and terracotta.

Our highly skilled bankers, carving masons, fixers and devoted in situ restoring teams, use traditional devised technics to mimic colour match using reconstituted materials to shape and form any stone to any required scale, however intricate, this is hugely beneficial and viable to any project.

We are DOFF / JOS / TORC accredited operators.

Brick Cleaning and Restoration

In addition to our stone affiliated services, our dedicated brick restoration teams are versed in traditional conservation brick cleaning, repointing and restoration. SRL also offer original in vogue and polychronic tuck pointing as well as other lime mortar repointings.

From Regency through to Edwardian, our ethos firmly placed in putting back our original services, include everything from brick matching face repairs to conservation repointing in which we have over 35 years’ experience. The firm’s field service operatives have sample boards and are at hand to visit your property and consult.