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Residential Brickwork

Residential Brickwork

Residential Brickwork

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To add to our stone affiliated services at Stone Restoration London our dedicated brick and stone restoration teams who are highly skilled and  versed in modern and traditional conservation brick cleaning and stone restoration technics, we also offer original tuck pointing and current envouge polychromatic tuck pointing as well as other lime mortars, façade repair and helifix brick  fracture systems.

We work closely with English Heritage and Conservation body’s offering consultation, tailor cleaning solutions. We have restoration packages to suit any project. Our operators are highly versed in current and more traditional techniques such as, conservation nib cleaners, Bankers mason, Lime repointers, and the highest quality in-situ restores. All operators are highly skilled and having served traditional craft base apprenticeships or accredited equivalent, and comply with British Safety BS8221-1 surface cleaning and repair.

From Regency through to Edwardian  our ethos firmly placed in putting back to original as well as  Jos/ Doff / Torc carbon removal systems as well as other services include brick matching brick face repair, we also have over 35 years’ experience in conservation lime repointing our field service operatives  with sample boards are at hand to visit your property/project and we offer a wide range envouge repointing packages using traditional  lime mortars with  a variety of styles along including tuck pointing and envouge polychromatic tuck pointings along with our period porch and portico tile range.